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Status: Game Completed!
Exvelten: Welcome to a ["RPG Maker Tutorial"] Exvelten!
This is a Precursor to My game 'Island Uphold' and Is free to play!

In Exvelten, you are in an open world realm to explore the city of Exvelten!
This is across the Orion Sea from Alfar, a part of 'Island Uphold'!! 

You are Cytheria or Zachiev; a lone traveler in a home tent. Explore four quadrants of different seasons. One is Spring and Rain, Then Snow. One is the Desert and Finally a Town to have a little Fun in!!!

Learn how games get built with in house tutorials. This is the perfect game for new video game developers to get excited about using RPG Maker and its potential to build a game as a solo developer. Go Through Tent by Tent, as you discover all of the types of features RPG Maker has in store ...

And feel free to talk to random strangers and get to know their stories!! Some special features include: 1 - The library of knowledge 2 - The Slip N Slide Tunnel
3 - The Caves   4 - Finally the Open Roam Desert

Gameplay:  30 min - 2 Hours.

This Gameplay Includes: 
- 30 min - 2 Hour Gameplay
- Unique Soundtrack [Please Support on Bandcamp!!]
- 20+ Maps
- Downloadable RPGXP Project + Game Application!
- [RPG Maker for building Video Games sold separately]
Please Note: Even going through Commentary, Building and Fixing 
Exvelten, there still may be bugs in the game upon release ...

Do let me know below how I can make my games better for next time!!

Bandcamp: https://colinsandquist.bandcamp.com/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/colin-sandquist

Music Itch Profile: https://colinsandquistmusic.itch.io/


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